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New Status Report on the Progress of SDG 6

By 23 March 2021December 13th, 2023Publications
Logos for UN SDG progress report 2021.

The UN-Water Integrated Monitoring Initiative for SDG 6 (IMI-SDG6) has compiled a new summary on the state of implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6, water and sanitation for all). The report is based on the most recent reporting data of the global SDG 6 indicators submitted by the UN member states on various subtargets such as drinking water, sanitation, wastewater and transboundary cooperation. At national, regional and global levels, the data reveal the degree of progress made towards the implementation of  the various aspects of SDG 6 in different parts of the world and point out where the global community lags behind the targets set. Moreover, the report quantifies the type of strategies required to speed up progress, in order to meet the targets set by 2030.

The summary was presented on 4 March and is to form a fact-based basis for discussion on acceleration strategies for the “High-Level Meeting on the Implementation of the Water-related Goals and Targets of the 2030 Agenda”, to be held on 18 March. As an implementation partner for SDG indicator 6.3.2 on the water quality of inland waters, the GEMS/Water Data Centre has made a substantial contribution to collecting indicator data and drafting the report.

Link to the report:
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