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Map of Russia showing for which stations new data was added to GEMStat in December 2021.

New data from Russia 2021

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A new data submission from Russia has arrived. New samples: 7516 Stations: RUS00001; RUS00002; RUS00003; RUS00004; RUS00005; RUS00006; RUS00007; RUS00008; RUS00009; RUS00011; RUS00012; RUS00013; RUS00014; RUS00015; RUS00016; RUS00017; RUS00019; RUS00020;...
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Science-Policy-Business Forum and UNEA-4

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Nairobi, Kenya, 08 – 10 March 2019 and 11 – 15 March 2019
The fourth session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-4) will take place from 11-15 March 2019 under the overall theme ‘Innovative Solutions for Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Consumption and Production’ in Nairobi, Kenya …

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