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New data from Russia 2018

By 24 October 2018October 25th, 2023Data submission

A new data submission from Russia has arrived.


RUS00001, RUS00002, RUS00003, RUS00004, RUS00005, RUS00006, RUS00007, RUS00008, RUS00009, RUS00011, RUS00012, RUS00013, RUS00014, RUS00015, RUS00016, RUS00017, RUS00019, RUS00020, RUS00021, RUS00022, RUS00023, RUS00024, RUS00025, RUS00026, RUS00027, RUS00028, RUS00029, RUS00030, RUS00031, RUS00032, RUS00034, RUS00035, RUS00036, RUS00037, RUS00038, RUS00039, RUS00040, RUS00041, RUS00042, RUS00043

Temporal coverage:


Parameter name:

Alkalinity, Ammonia, Calcium, Chloride, Discharge, Electrical Conductance, Iron, Lead, Magnesium, Mercury, Oxidized Nitrogen, Oxygen, Oxygen Demand, pH, Phosphorus, Potassium, Silicon dioxide, Sodium, Sulfate, Suspended Solids, Temperature, Zinc

Parameter code:

Alk-Tot, BOD, Ca-Dis, Cl-Dis, EC, Fe-Dis, Hg-Dis, K-Dis, Mg-Dis, Na-Dis, NH3N, NO3N, O2-Dis, Pb-Dis, pH, Q-Inst, SiO2-Rea, SO4-Dis, TDP, TEMP, TSS, Zn-Dis




State Federal Hydrochemical Institute

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