New data from Japan 2021

By 16 June 2021October 25th, 2023Data submission
Map of Japan showing for which stations new data was added to GEMStat in June 2021.

A new data submission from Japan has arrived.

New samples:



JPN00001; JPN00003; JPN00006; JPN00007; JPN00010; JPN00011; JPN00013; JPN00014; JPN00015; JPN00016; JPN00017; JPN00019; JPN00020; JPN00021; JPN00022; JPN00028; JPN00032


2,4-D; Alkalinity; Aluminium; Ammonia; Anionic Tensides; Anions; Arsenic; Benzene; Boron; Cadmium; Calcium; Cations; Chloride; Chlorophyll A; Chromium; Coliforms; Copper; Cyanide; Discharge; Electrical Conductance; Fluoride; Iron; Lead; Magnesium; Manganese; Mercury; Nickel; Organic Carbon; Organic Nitrogen; Orthophosphate; Oxidized Nitrogen; Oxygen; Oxygen Demand; PCB; Phenols; Phosphorus; Potassium; Selenium; Silicate; Sodium; Sulfate; Suspended Solids; Temperature; Total Nitrogen; Transparency; Triazine; Zinc; pH

Parameter species:

24D; ATRAZINE; Al-Dis; Al-Tot; Alk-Tot; Anions-Sum; As-Dis; As-Tot; B-Dis; B-Tot; BENZENE; BOD; CN-Tot; COD; Ca-Dis; Cations-Sum; Cd-Dis; Cd-Tot; Chl-a; Cl-Dis; Cr-Dis; Cr-Tot; Cr-VI; Cu-Dis; Cu-Tot; DOC; DON; DRP; EC; ECOLI; F-Dis; FECALCOLI; Fe-Dis; Fe-Tot; Hg-Tot; K-Dis; MBAS; Mg-Dis; Mn-Dis; Mn-Tot; NH3N; NO2N; NO3N; NOxN; Na-Dis; Ni-Dis; Ni-Tot; O2-Dis; O2-Dis-Sat; PCB; PHLHs; POC; Pb-Dis; Pb-Tot; Q-Inst; SAR; SO4-Dis; Se-Dis; Se-Tot; SiO2-Rea; TDP; TEMP; TEMP-Air; TN; TOC; TOTCOLI; TP; TRANS; TSS; Zn-Dis; Zn-Tot; pH


2018; 2019; 2020

Data provider:

National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES)