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Water quality data in the GEMStat database are voluntarily provided by countries and organisations from their own monitoring networks. The data may be used for status evaluation, research purposes or within the scope of education and training initiatives. The data policy can be set by the data providers on a per-submission level. In all cases, water quality data contained in the GEMStat database are the property of the respective data providers. In all products based on data from GEMStat, the originators of the data and the UN Environment GEMS/Water Programme must be properly acknowledged (Data policy).

Data request:

Request GEMStat water quality data and view parameter and station catalogues.

Data Request

Statistic reports:

Retrieve aggregated statistics of GEMStat water quality data, for the spatial coverage and the aggregation level you need.

Statistic Reports

Metadata catalogue:

Access standardised metadata for all monitoring programmes and monitoring stations provided in GEMStat.

Metadata Catalogue

Data submission:

Read our data policy and data submission manuals and learn about how to contribute to GEMStat.

Data Submission