New data from USA 2020

By 28 October 2020November 29th, 2021Data submission

New data from the USA has been imported into GEMStat.

New samples:





Ammonia, Bicarbonate, Calcium, Carbon, Carbonate, Chloride, Coliforms, Iron, Kjeldahl Nitrogen, Magnesium, Organic Carbon, Organic Nitrogen, Orthophosphate, Oxidized Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Sulfate, Total Nitrogen

Parameter species:

CO3, Ca-Dis, Ca-Ext, Cl-Dis, Cl-Tot, DKN, DOC, DON, DRP, ECOLI, FECALCOLI, Fe-Dis, Fe-Ext, Fe-Sus, Fe-Tot, HCO3, K-Dis, K-Ext, Mg-Dis, Mg-Ext, Mg-Sus, NH4N, NO2N, NO3N, NOxN, Na-Dis, Na-Ext, O2-Dis, O2-Dis-Sat, PC, PKN, PN, POC, SO4-Dis, SO4-Tot, TC, TDP, TKN, TOC, TON, TOTCOLI, TP, TPP, TRP


1906 – 2020

Data provider:

USGS National Water Quality Network Data ( and National Water Quality Monitoring Council (