New data from Morocco 2019

By 8 November 2019October 25th, 2023Data submission

A new data submission from Morocco has arrived.



Temporal coverage:


Parameter name:

4,4′-DDD, 4,4′-DDE, 4,4′-DDT, Aldrin, Aluminum – Total, Arsenic – Total, Alpha-Hexachlorocyclohexane, Beta-Hexachlorocyclohexane, Delta-Hexachlorocyclohexane, Gamma-Hexachlorocyclohexane (Lindane), Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Boron – Total, Cadmium – Total, Chloride – Dissolved, Chemical Oxygen Demand, Chromium – Total, Copper – Total, Dieldrin, Electrical Conductance, Endosulfan – Alpha, Endosulfan – Beta, Endrin, Fecal Coliform, Faecal Streptococci, Iron – Total, Hardness – Calcium, Heptachlorane, Heptachlor Epoxide, Mercury – Total, Hardness – Total, Manganese – Total, 1,1′-(2,2,2-trichloroethane-1,1-diyl)bis(4-methoxybenzene), Total Ammonia Nitrogen, Nickel – Total, Nitrate and Nitrite, Dissolved Oxygen, Lead – Total, pH, Phenols, Permanganate Value, Selenium – Total, Sulfate – Dissolved, Water Temperature, Air Temperature, Total Inorganic Phosphorus, Total Nitrogen, Total Coliform, Total Suspended Solids, Zinc – Total

Parameter code:

44DDD, 44DDE, 44DDT, ALDRIN, Al-Tot, As-Tot, BHC-alpha, BHC-beta, BHC-delta, BHC-gamma, BOD, B-Tot, Cd-Tot, Cl-Dis, COD, Cr-Tot, Cu-Tot, DIELDRIN, EC, ENDOSULFANI, ENDOSULFANII, ENDRIN, FECALCOLI, FECALSTREP, Fe-Tot, H-Ca, HEPTACHLOR, HEPTACHLOREPOX, Hg-Tot, H-T, Mn-Tot, MXCHLOR, NH4N, Ni-Tot, NOxN, O2-Dis, Pb-Tot, pH, PHLHs, PV, Se-Tot, SO4-Dis, TEMP, TEMP-Air, TIP, TN, TOTCOLI, TSS, Zn-Tot




National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water